29 November 2019

Visiting Practitioner: Florian Wolf

Florian Wolf is the founder and CEO of YourPrevention™, a top brand in preventive medicine and stress management with a worldwide operating network of researchers, doctors, and coaches with a focus on corporate, leadership persons and individuals. He has been working in scientific research, product and strategy development and as consultant and integral business coach. Florian and his father Professor Alfred Wolf have developed the Integral Stress Test™, a standardized objective recording of stress load, individual resources and the assessment of tendencies due to chronic stress exposure at an early stage. This test has become a standard in business executive screenings. YourPrevention™ now is an international network of medical and coaching services with one integral approach.

Since 2009 Florian Wolf´s main focus is merging the change of neurobiological equilibrium and the behavioral impact for effectively supporting change and self-effectiveness in human beings. His integral and highly individualized approach based on neurobiology supports social skills, mindfulness as an inner attitude, development of the « I » and the integration of new lifestyle options into a daily routine.

Florian Wolf conducted a few hundred key-note lectures, workshops, and coachings in German and English. Over 15 years of experience in scientific working and the practical implementation incorporate programs and coaching facilitated the understanding of how bringing clients into the « Doing ».

Florian Wolf works on an international level in various projects for larger multinational companies and also on a one to one level with individuals.

Postgraduate training and scientific work

  • Diplome Architect
  • CEO of YourPrevention™, a brand of BioAging & BioLabs GmbH
  • Member of the YourPrevention™ Scientific Board
  • Member of the scientific board of the International Society of Biopsychosocial Medicine
  • Multiple educational programs in preventive medicine
  • Certified Integral Business Coach (ACSTH, ICF accredited)

Work experience and competences:

  • Corporate programs on stress management and resilience, Leadership training, Leadership programs for middle and upper management
  • Integral Business Coaching
  • Medical Coaching based on IST™ with individual follow up programs

Florian also performs in triathlon events – just for the fun of it! His personal motto is, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

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