Mahogany Luxury Residence – ELITE

Mahogany Luxury Residences – ELITE

Indulge in a premium stay with this fully furnished, two-story residence villa, comfortably fit for a group of six.  This fully furnished villa offers a two-bedroom suite plus a basement with two additional bedrooms. 

Enjoy its spacious living and dining areas:  with a gourmet kitchen area with a mini bar, service kitchen area, and quarters, with an outdoor private swimming pool surrounded by a masterful tropical landscape. 

What's more:  a gazebo for lounging, air-conditioning throughout the villa, a 50" Netflix-ready Smart TV, with a home office area, in-room steam & sauna, PWD lift, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, balcony overlooking the timeless ridges of Mt. Malarayat.

Pets are strictly not allowed.  

Total land area: 580 sq. meters




  • Spacious living area and dining area
  • Home office area with toilet and bath
  • 70” Netflix-ready Smart TV in the dining area
  • Gourmet kitchen and mini bar
  • Service kitchen with cooktop
  • Refrigerator and water dispenser
  • Outdoor swimming pool and air-conditioned gazebo dining
  • Pool loungers at pool deck
  • PWD lift
  • Master Bedroom
    • Air-conditioned room, wind-free technology
    • Balcony and stairwell access to pool deck
    • 70” Netflix-ready Smart TV
    • Mini bar and wine chiller
    • Indoor bathtub
    • Indoor bathroom with rain and hand-held shower
    • Twin vanities
    • Walk in closet
    • Built-in steam and sauna
  • 2nd Bedroom
    • 65” Netflix-ready Smart TV
    • Mini bar and refrigerator
    • Indoor bathroom with rain and hand-held shower
  • Entertainment Room (2nd floor)
    • Recliner lounge chairs
    • 65" Netflix-ready Smart TV
    • Quarters
    • Double deck with trundle bed
    • Bathroom with shower
  • Basement
    • 2-BR air-conditioned suites with 65" Netflix-ready Smart TV
    • Living area with Smart TV
    • Pantry kitchen with bar counter
    • Mini bar and refrigerator
    • Powder room/shared toilet and shower

*Rates are subject to 10% Service Charge and 12% Government Tax(++)

*Program inclusions are subject to change after consultation and physical check-up with our holistic medical doctors



  • Bed type: 2 twin beds
  • Air-conditioned room
  • iPad docking station upon request
  • High speed WIFI connection
  • In-room safety deposit box
  • Handmade bath amenities
  • Hairdryer
  • Bathrobes
  • Complimentary drinking water
  • Hot water kettle & herbal teas
  • Private garden and lanais


Yoga Sessions

Yoga Sessions

Yoga not only disciplines the body but unfolds the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul. Learn the foundations of yoga and ignite your path towards holistic wellness and healing. At The Farm at San Benito, you may incorporate various types of yoga and Guided Meditation into your regular practice to help keep your mind, body, and spirit well-balanced.

Mandala Flower Meditation

Mandala Flower

The mandala flower meditation consists of a collection of overlapping circles that create flowers throughout the mandala. This mandala is additionally referred to a sacred geometry as well as is believed to bring spiritual enlightenment.

Nature Walking

Nature Walking

An energizing way to finish up your daily movement activities! Join our guided walk on 4.7KM to 6KM power walk in and around The Farm. (Weather Permitting)

Functional Training

Functional Training, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Functional Fitness involves training the body for the activities performed in everyday life.

Sound Healing

Sound healing uses vibrations (vocal or instrumental-like gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks) in order to relax the body, mind and soul. Some proponents also believe it can relieve certain ailments including pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia.

Sound therapy is a clinical and evidence-based therapy used for dealing with mental health issues, such as anxiety, pain and sleep disorders. These issues are usually caused by high levels of tension and stress. Sound healing brings one to a relaxed state with sounds created by singing bowls, tuning forks and other resonant musical instruments, including the human voice. Recent research suggests that in counseling sessions, it can be a catalyst for emotional healing used in combination with other modalities such as meditation, deep breathing and visualization.

Healing through sound and music is an ancient cultural tradition. The Aboriginal people of Australia were the first known to practice sound healing using a wind instrument called a didgeridoo. They first played it 40,000 years ago, making it one of the world’s oldest instruments.

Interactive Wellness Workshops

Interactive Wellness Workshops

Art Therapy – Experience how art, through therapeutic form drawing or working with colors, helps establish brain pathways to healing and helps prevent senile dementia, symptoms related to heart and breathing issues and hormonal imbalance

Eye Exercises for Improved Vision

The sense of sight has been abused especially with the current trend of screen overuse, online learning and e-meetings. Eye exercises to correct errors of refraction (astigmatism, near and far-sightedness) come in timely and relevant. This session includes tips to improve eyesight naturally through nutrition and safeguard the eyes from electromagnetic radiation-related damages.

Organic Farm Tour

Organic Farm Tour

The Farm’s 5,700+ sqm. organic vegetable & herb garden is an example of organic precision agriculture. Everything grown on the land has been designed to fit the farm’s culinary needs. The Farm is designed to have a seasonal rotation of crops for a true sustainable, organic farm-to-table experience.

Food waste from the kitchen is transported daily and segregated accordingly – with some fed to the animals and the rest added to the compost area where both agricultural and biodegradable wastes are treated. It’s here that we create natural fertilizers by allowing the waste to ferment aerobically with microorganisms.

By growing majority of our produce on-site, The Farm is not only increasing food security but also reducing our carbon footprint by limiting the transport of food. Guests may enjoy the food knowing exactly how it’s grown, where it comes from, and who is involved in the process.

*Rates are subject to 10% Service Charge and 12% Government Tax(++)

*Program inclusions are subject to change after consultation and physical check-up with our holistic medical doctors