A World Leader in holistic medical wellness

The Farm at San Benito-a proud member of CG Hospitality, the hospitality arm of CG Corp Global-is an eco-luxury, holistic medical wellness resort located in Lipa City, Batangas, which is a 90-minute drive south of Manila, capital of the Philippines. It rests on 51 hectares of lush green environment with life-sustaining microbiome ecology, stunning view of the majestic Malarayat mountains, pure fresh air and refreshing life-giving energy radiating around the property.

The Farm has been honored with over 90 prestigious international awards including "Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World" from SENSES Germany which made its mark as one of the leading medical wellness destinations in the world.

In line with its mission to provide evidence-based holistic healing and transformative, sustainable lifestyle retreats, The Farm offers natural and holistic medically-supervised health optimization programs which are carefully planned and conducted by internationally trained integrative medical doctors, spa therapists, nutritionists, living food experts, fitness coaches, and yoga teachers. Since its conception, The Farm has always been an advocate of plant-based, whole foods vegan cuisine, with its vegetables freshly picked and served. Its scientifically-proven preventive, restorative, and regenerative treatments combines the best of East and West. At The Farm, we offer our guests an unparalleled life-changing holiday experience.







Come home to wellness

The first premiere wellness residence in the country. The Farm Wellness Residences offers sixteen (16) villas:

Type Of Villa

Lot Area

Construction Floor Area

4-Bedroom Acacia
Approx. 420 sqm
Approx. 300 sqm
3-Bedroom Acacia
Approx. 420 sqm
Approx. 300 sqm

The Lease shall be for a term of Ninety-Nine (99) years from the turnover of the Villa by the Company to the Lessee. The land over which the Property is situated shall be excluded from this Lease.

The project aims to provide an investment vehicle to individuals or corporations interested in the hospitality industry in the Philippines. In view of this objective, The Farm Wellness Residences shall provide a Rental Management Program so that investors may generate income from their properties when they are not using it themselves.

ACACIA 4 Bedroom Flat Terrain

Exclusive Benefits & Wellness Lifestyle

Experience all the luxuries of life and relaxation that The Farm at San Benito has to and functional fitness activities. In addition, buyers offer coupled with the unmistakable comforts of home. Buyers become part of The Farm family and enjoy the facilities and services available to the resort guests, such as the Holistic Medical Sanctuary, the Healing Sanctuary Spa, the Acqua Hydrotherapy Sanctuary, as well as other healthful dining and fitness amenities, plus participation in daily scheduled mindful meditation may rely on the round-the-clock security, engineering and management support. Access is limited to the owner and immediate family members. The unspoiled nature become part of your personal space, directly linked to the access of the Resort’s wellness services, healthy cuisine, and activities.

As a villa owner, you are perpetually entitled to a thirty percent (30%) discount in ALIVE! Vegan Restaurant, Holistic Medical Sanctuary, Healing Sanctuary Spa, and Acqua Hydrotherapy Sanctuary treatments, excluding allied health partner services, and full access to Mindful Movement & Functional Fitness activities and resort facilities.

In addition, golf enthusiasts will have access to an all-weather 27-hole championship course at Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club, only fifteen (15) minutes away from The Farm.

Investment Details


As a world leader in holistic medical wellness and the first of its kind in the Philippines, The Farm Residences is an investment opportunity that guarantees value over time. Investments may be expected to be recovered from the share of the rental program.


The Lessee shall pay the Lease Price as follows:
a. Twenty Percent (20%) of the Lease Price shall be paid upon the signing of this Term Sheet;
b. Forty Percent (40%) of the Lease Price shall be paid during the construction period, which shall take twelve (6) months, at six (6) equal monthly amortizations;
c. Forty Percent (40%) of the Lease Price shall be paid upon the turnover of the Property to the Lessee;


Owner is entitled to receive 50% of the net rental revenue generated by The Farm from the rental of the unit.


Esquire Financing will make it easier for you to make your continued wellness journey come true.


This first-class management of the Residences gives owners a care-free investment with a dedicated management team. This includes our Villa Manager along with a team to execute administration, staff management, maintenance, landscaping, pool cleaning in addition to essentially accommodating the requests of the villa owners to enhance their stays. When out, villa owners can entrust the management of their Residences to The Farm resort management.


The Farm Wellness Residences shall provide the Lessee with a mandatory rental service to allow the Lessee to generate rental income from the Villa during periods when they are not using the villas themselves. The management of the Villa as a rental unit shall be handled by the Company. The Company does not guarantee the rental proceeds of the Villa. The Company likewise does not guarantee any level of return. The returns the Lessee may earn shall vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the number of days the owner is using the Villa.
The Lessee shall pay to the Company ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND AND 00/100 PESOS (PHP 100,000.00) every month as maintenance fee for the Villa, which shall include:

  • Electricity, telephone and internet, water and other utilities charges, based on actual consumption;
  • Dry cleaning or maid service fees;
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance;
  • Contents insurance premiums;
  • Proportional share of other staff who work within the villa lot boundary;
  • Other ancillary expenses

Will there be a rental program available to the Lessees?

The Farm Wellness Residences shall provide villa lessees a rental service to allow the lessees to generate rental income from their property during periods when they are not using the villas themselves.

Can I rent out the property myself?

As the rental program is mandatory, the villa lessees shall be unable to rent out the villas on their own. The Farm Wellness Residences shall handle all the rental related matters on behalf of the lessees.

Is there a rental guarantee offered?

The Farm Wellness Residences will not be offering a rental guarantee, however, we anticipate strong demand for rentals of the villas given the beauty, location and wide variety of amenities planned to be located within The Farm at San Benito as the site develops.

How does the rental program work?

The rental returns paid to lessees will be calculated based upon a fifty percent (50%) share of the net villa rental revenue, on a non-pooled basis. This means you will receive fifty percent (50%) of the net rental revenue from your actual villa.

How much money can I make?

We do not guarantee a particular level of return, and the returns you can earn will vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to the number of days the lessee is using the villa for his or her own purposes.

What are the taxes involved on my income?

Generally, non-resident/foreign lessees will be subject to twenty-five percent (25%) withholding tax on rental income, while residents are subject to a five percent (5%) withholding tax on rental income. This will be subject to existing Philippine laws on taxation.

Are there limits on how many days I can use my villa if it’s part of the Rental Program?

The lessees shall have a maximum of thirty (30) days’ stay every year, which may not be used during holidays, peak seasons, high peak seasons, black-out days. The lessees shall give The Farm Wellness Residences seven (7) days advance notice should they wish to come and stay in their villas in order for us to manage the rental inventory for outside guests.

How often will I get paid?

We will pay you the net proceeds from the Rental Program after tax on an annual basis. The amount shall be directly deposited to your nominated bank account.

Can my friends use my villa without paying for it?

Yes, subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement (e.g. lessees’ guests must be pre-registered by the lessee in advance to the manager, in writing) your friends can be treated as part of your “extended family” and use your villa without needing to pay the daily rental rate.

Please note that the Manager shall treat these stays as “lessee stays” and therefore you would not earn any rental income from such a stay period. The Lessees’ Daily Rate shall also apply.

Can I add my own furniture?

Since the villa shall be treated as another unit of The Farm Wellness Residences to be rented out to The Farm customers, the lessees shall be required to avail themselves of the furniture package recommended by The Farm Wellness Residences.

In case there will be a change in the villa furniture as recommended by The Farm Wellness Residences, the lessee shall be required to comply with the changes immediately.

Who is the Rental Program Manager?

The development partners are in the process of forming a dedicated rental program management company, powered by The Farm at San Benito team, to run the day-to-day management and rental operations of The Farm at San Benito.