The Farm’s healing journey is focused around five pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair and Sustain. And this is our Holistic Sanctuary. Our guests’ healing journey begins with a thorough medical consultation where doctors assess the health of each guest and come up with a carefully-planned program and recommended treatments.

Guests from all over the world visit for a large number of reasons – from well-being and rejuvenation to deeper health issues. The Farm offers natural and holistic medically-supervised health programs addressing some of the most alarming and prevalent lifestyle illnesses in today’s society.

We have collaborated with Allied Health Partners such as Living Life Well Integrative Medical Clinic (Cigna Global® Health direct billing Provider) to enrich the quality of life by offering evidence-informed holistic solutions for addressing and treating chronic health disorders, work related chronic pain, work related stress, anxiety, depression and more. The Farm is also proud to offer non-invasive Aesthetic beauty & anti-ageing services for those who wish to enhance their physical aspects through a holistic approach. All these are a culmination of efforts to create the next level of luxury holiday through life transformative retreats.


As a holistic medical wellness resort, The Farm uses traditional healing practices of Philippine Healing Art and combines it with eco-friendly, 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, therapeutic grade essential oils, and medicinal herbs to enhance the healing experience. This sanctuary was built to help guests rejuvenate themselves, overcome stress and maintain harmony and balance even after their stay here at The Farm.


Our Acqua Hydrotherapy Sanctuary was built with the goal of achieving optimum health using a combination of science-based and evidenced-guided treatments. We offer a multi-step hydrotherapy program to heal the whole body. Link to treatments: