Intro To Senior Wellness


Aging is an inevitable part of the human experience, and embracing it as a gift can lead to a more fulfilling life. Norbert Glass’s book, “Fulfillment of Old Age,” enlightens us about the beautiful aspects of aging.

Unnecessary suffering in old age such as pain, mobility problems, dementia, macular degeneration, kidney, liver and heart disease, diabetes and age-related chronic illnesses; often stems from accelerated aging caused by unhealthy lifestyle and environmental toxins. By highlighting this in its health programs, The Farm helps people make informed choices.

Factors such as pollution, smoking, and poor dietary choices can increase the presence of free radicals. Free radicals, which are unstable compounds, contribute to the oxidation and damage of cell membranes thereby fast-tracking the aging process. Incorporating antioxidant nutrients like vitamin C, as well as phytochemical antioxidants found in colorful fruits and vegetables, can help prevent free radical damage to our cells.

Certain dietary choices have also been linked to the length of telomeres, which are protective caps at the ends of our chromosomes associated with aging. Consuming foods such as red and processed meats, sweetened drinks and sodas, white bread, saturated fats, and excessive alcohol has been found to be associated with shorter telomeres. On the other hand, adopting a diet rich in plant-based whole foods, packed with nutrients, antioxidants, anti- inflammatories, and omega-3 fatty acids, is associated with the development of longer telomeres. Thus, the rationale for The Farm’s restaurants highlighting plant-based (Alive) and blue-zone/Mediterranean cuisine (PESCE).

The individual’s life story plays a big role into making sense of certain age-related symptoms. The Farm takes a comprehensive approach to longevity: encompassing cellular detoxification and regeneration, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, hormonal balance, management of stress and Psychoemotional issues, social connections and other lifestyle factors. The Farm looks into genetics and epigenetics (or factors that can modify the genes).

By providing health programs that address all these aspects, The Farm aims to empower individuals to lead healthy, vibrant lives, and welcome the beauty of aging.

With this as the background context, aging can indeed be embraced as a natural and enriching part of the human experience when we prioritize our health and well-being.


  • Vegan Meals and Nutritional Juices
  • Daily Nutritional Support
  • 1 x Holistic Health Consultation
  • 1 x Nutritional Assessment
  • 1 x 30 mins Cellular Health Screening
  • 1 x 40 mins Vital Test of Heavy Metals, Minerals and Vitamins (OG Scan)
  • 1 x 60 mins Whole Body Scan (ES Complex)
  • 1 x Relaxation Massage
  • 1 x Session with Doctor (Biography Session with Doctor)
  • 1x30minsNMNDrip
  • Participation in Mindful Movement & Functional Fitness activities: yoga, mandala flowermeditation, nature walking, organic farm tour, sound healing, interactive wellness

    workshops, functional fitness, and more!

  • Use of the facilities: Swimming Pools, Meditation Pavilions, and Pure Energy Gym
  • Strong Wi-Fi access throughout the resort

*Rates are subject to 10% Service Charge and 12% Government Tax (++)


Nutrient-Rich Organic Vegan Meals and Beverages

Three-course plant-based meals will be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with antioxidant-rich juices. The meals and juices will have low glycemic index fruits and no extra sugar like honey or coco sugar as simple sugars may prevent optimal function of the body’s natural defenses.

Holistic Health Consultation

A health-oriented conversation with our integrative doctor that will explore the individual’s state of well-being. It will help guests understand the disharmony between the physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual based on the Review of Systems or Symptoms Analysis.

Nutritional Assessment

Assessment of the guests’ weight, body fat, visceral fat muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age, Body Mass Index (BMI), etc. Results will be used to assess your overall nutritional condition and our nutritionist will be able to provide guidance on how to sustainably achieve your health and nutritional goals.

Cellular Health Screening

This is an introduction to health-consciousness to every guest and those who want to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle using one’s blood as seen live under a dark field microscope.

The blood is a very special part of the human body, it transports substances that stir a person’s feelings and consciousness more than any other bodily fluid. It is an educational experience-base tour through visual appreciation of one’s overall health status through the quality of the red and white blood cells. It gives a glimpse of what’s happening inside the body and as well as information on possible nutritional deficiencies and toxicities, it is based on the foundations of histology (study of cells) and hematology (study of blood). It can show manifestations of inflammation, oxidative stress and internal organ imbalance.

Vital Test for Heavy Metals, Minerals and Vitamins

A diagnostic device that determines the levels of heavy metals, minerals and vitamins in the body by employing the principle of Spectrophotometry. Heavy metal toxicity, mineral imbalances and vitamin deficiencies are a few of the underlying common causes of illness.

Electron Scan Complex – ES Complex

A rapid overall health assessment that provides details on the systematic and holistic condition of the body. The ESC scans Cardiac Health, Endocrine or Hormonal Health, Psychosomatic Health, Prostate & Thyroid Health and Lymphatic & Neural or Nerve Health with the same principles used in ECG (electrocardiograph) or EEG (electroencephalograph).

For an overall and in depth health assessment it is best to combine the modalities of the whole body scan and advanced brain biofeedback.

Relaxation Massage

This therapy is a must for stressed individuals, as this gentle massage will ease away tension and tiredness. Using long soothing strokes your therapist will lure you into a calm, peaceful space for both your body and mind.

Session with Doctor

A one-hour session conducted by our medical practitioners specializing in a certain field of alternative healing modalities and are customized depending on the needs of the guest.


Yoga Sessions

Yoga Sessions

Yoga not only disciplines the body but unfolds the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul. Learn the foundations of yoga and ignite your path towards holistic wellness and healing. At The Farm at San Benito, you may incorporate various types of yoga and Guided Meditation into your regular practice to help keep your mind, body, and spirit well-balanced.

Mandala Flower Meditation

Mandala Flower

The mandala flower meditation consists of a collection of overlapping circles that create flowers throughout the mandala. This mandala is additionally referred to a sacred geometry as well as is believed to bring spiritual enlightenment.

Nature Walking

Nature Walking

An energizing way to finish up your daily movement activities! Join our guided walk on 4.7KM to 6KM power walk in and around The Farm. (Weather Permitting)

Functional Training

Functional Training, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Functional Fitness involves training the body for the activities performed in everyday life.

Sound Healing

Sound healing uses vibrations (vocal or instrumental-like gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks) in order to relax the body, mind and soul. Some proponents also believe it can relieve certain ailments including pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia.

Sound therapy is a clinical and evidence-based therapy used for dealing with mental health issues, such as anxiety, pain and sleep disorders. These issues are usually caused by high levels of tension and stress. Sound healing brings one to a relaxed state with sounds created by singing bowls, tuning forks and other resonant musical instruments, including the human voice. Recent research suggests that in counseling sessions, it can be a catalyst for emotional healing used in combination with other modalities such as meditation, deep breathing and visualization.

Healing through sound and music is an ancient cultural tradition. The Aboriginal people of Australia were the first known to practice sound healing using a wind instrument called a didgeridoo. They first played it 40,000 years ago, making it one of the world’s oldest instruments.

Interactive Wellness Workshops

Interactive Wellness Workshops

Art Therapy – Experience how art, through therapeutic form drawing or working with colors, helps establish brain pathways to healing and helps prevent senile dementia, symptoms related to heart and breathing issues and hormonal imbalance

Eye Exercises for Improved Vision

The sense of sight has been abused especially with the current trend of screen overuse, online learning and e-meetings. Eye exercises to correct errors of refraction (astigmatism, near and far-sightedness) come in timely and relevant. This session includes tips to improve eyesight naturally through nutrition and safeguard the eyes from electromagnetic radiation-related damages.

Organic Farm Tour

Organic Farm Tour

The Farm’s 5,700+ sqm. organic vegetable & herb garden is an example of organic precision agriculture. Everything grown on the land has been designed to fit the farm’s culinary needs. The Farm is designed to have a seasonal rotation of crops for a true sustainable, organic farm-to-table experience.

Food waste from the kitchen is transported daily and segregated accordingly – with some fed to the animals and the rest added to the compost area where both agricultural and biodegradable wastes are treated. It’s here that we create natural fertilizers by allowing the waste to ferment aerobically with microorganisms.

By growing majority of our produce on-site, The Farm is not only increasing food security but also reducing our carbon footprint by limiting the transport of food. Guests may enjoy the food knowing exactly how it’s grown, where it comes from, and who is involved in the process.

Terms and Conditions

  • A personalized health program is available upon request.
  • Extra person (3rd person) will incur a surcharge of PHP 2,500++ per night, which includes vegan breakfast at ALIVE! Restaurant, participation in mindful movement & functional fitness activities, and use of facilities. Extra person is applicable in all suites & villas except Sulu Terrace and Palmera Suite.
  • Program rates cannot be combined with any other promotions, coupons and discounts (such as Senior Citizen and PWD discounts).
  • Local promotional rates are not valid during peak periods.

Important Notes for Healing Retreats

  • Programs may be created for any number of nights requested.
  • All programs are supervised by licensed medical doctors and nurses.
  • All programs are considered supportive to natural body balancing with final results dependent on a variety of factors which The Farm cannot take full responsibility in managing.
  • Guests who require special medical support for serious health challenges must advise and communicate openly to The Farm’s medical staff. The Farm reserves the right to refuse guests with health conditions that cannot be reasonably managed.
  • Guests arriving at The Farm after 5 PM will be booked in a special room-only arrangement on their first night. The actual program will begin the following day.
  • Programs can change in accordance to and consultation with the guest’s medical & wellbeing condition. The Guest Health Questionnaire should be filled in and submitted at least one week prior to arrival at The Farm.
  • A personalized Daily Schedule will be given to each guest after consultation with an assigned medical staff. The schedule may change depending on our medical doctor’s assessment and recommendation or in accordance with the guest’s reactions to the treatments.
  • All supplements, services and treatments will be scheduled by our doctors on the General Health & Medical consultation has been completed. Any supplements, services or treatments or other such related items outside the above stated personalized program will be discussed with the guest in advance and will be considered incidental charges. These will be charged to the guest account and must be settled upon check-out.
  • All programs containing medical treatments and food components cannot be refunded or credited if not utilized.