30 September 2019

The Farm at San Benito Helps with the Battle Against Breast Cancer

Body love is essential – it’s one of the many things that make a woman beautiful. Part of this love is self-care in a multitude of layers. This month, The Farm at San Benito reminds every woman to do a breast self-exam in support of Pink for October. Inform your physician immediately if you found any lumps, unusual discharge, or any discomfort during your check.

While breast cancer is the leading type of cancer that affects 2.1 million women each year, it is not unbeatable. If found and treated early, most women can survive. Through its partnership with European Wellness Center, The Farm offers Bio Mammo Scan which is a non-radiation breast scanning device from Germany. It offers a much safer and reliable alternative for breast cancer screening by measuring the intensity of natural electromagnetic radiation from a patient’s tissue.

This scan is available only at The Farm at San Benito and, for the whole of October, Bio Mammo Scan will be offered with 40% off.

In terms of treatments, radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy are the well-known modalities used to combat cancer. All of these rely on destroying cancer cells. But there is another treatment that can be used, and it focuses on helping the immune system defend the body against cancer cells. This treatment, called Immunotherapy (sometimes called biologic therapy), can stop or slow the growth of cancer cells and offers the possibility for long-term cancer remission.

The Farm offers EWC’s Peptides (Thymus+ GcMaf) Immune Booster Program. This is a bio-molecular tissue repair therapy with powerful bio-active molecules, nutrients, and peptides that helps restore the power of the body’s immunity to its full potential. A 3-day Detox is required before the commencement of this treatment so that the body can fully receive the peptides and more effectively produce the necessary antibodies that will fight the abnormal cells. Individuals enrolling in the Bio-Molecular Peptides Immunotherapy Program will get 30% off on the treatment and a free Bio Mammo Scan.

They may also choose to have the Detox Cleanse at The Farm. This program is supported by cleansing juices, guided fasts and nutritional enrichment, resulting in a deep cellular healing, renewing the body from within, helping the individual regain youthful energy. Nourishment is very important to prevent and even more so when fighting a disease. It is ideal to take natural foods or those that have been subjected to the least amount of processing and contamination. Meat is highly discouraged and can be replaced with beans, tofu, and mushrooms.

Our mood can also dictate what foods we need. When feeling tense and angry, for example, a salad of or lightly cooked crisp, succulent vegetables can help a person feel more relaxed. When being oversensitive and highly emotional, eating well-cooked vegetables can help a person feel calmer and more productive.

When you notice your symptoms are fading, you sleep more soundly, you’re more relaxed and can think clearly, and you’re more cheerful and positive it means your body is already healing. The Farm offers Holistic Health Conversation with our Integrative Medical Doctors on cancer prevention and holistic cancer care. Set an appointment today. Having breast cancer – or any type of cancer – can be debilitating. But it’s important to remember that the battle does not end with the diagnosis. With the available treatments, the support for friends and family members, and most importantly, with your own faith and fighting spirit, nothing is impossible.

Avail as much as 30% off on The Farm’s medically supervised Health Optimization Programs from Holistic Wellness, Detox Cleanse, Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Health; Executive Health Programs from Pain Management & Mental Health; Cellular Health Programs and Aesthetic Beauty & Anti-Ageing Programs.

An all-inclusive Health Optimization Program starts at USD 580++ / PHP 26,600++* per person for two nights based on double occupancy and USD 810++ / PHP 37,100++* on single occupancy. Get a complimentary one room night for a minimum of 4-night Detox Program. Seasonal rates are valid until October 30, 2019.

*PHP rates are applicable for Philippine residents and local expats.

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