10 October 2019

Take a Soulful Break through Enriching Yoga Classes at The Farm

De-stressing doesn’t require planning exotic vacations or scouring the net for out of this world adventures. Sometimes it only takes a 90-minute bus ride from the city for a quiet, relaxing time to reflect and recharge. 

In 2019, Yoga is moving out of the home and taking a trip. For years now, it has been considered a relaxing and quick option for the busy working men and women of today. It can be done at home or at the corner gym. However, just as it is quick to do the experience does not reach its full effect. At The Farm, you can immerse yourself with carefully planned programs conducted by internationally-trained yoga teachers.

To celebrate the International Day of Yoga on June 21st, The Farm will have Malini Ramani, a visiting yoga practitioner from India to conduct two classes of Kundalini Yoga on June 22-25 to kick-start the month-long Yoga Festival. Kundalini yoga is a transformative practice that dates back to ancient times. It incorporates movement, meditative breathing, and chanting of mantras, helping you experience deep sense of awareness. The practice has helped Malini live a more enriched life. In her words, “The practice of Kundalini yoga is a perfect fit for me because it gives instant results – life becomes rich, meaningful, entertaining and fulfilled.” Kundalini in Hinduism pertains to a type of divine energy, supposedly stored at the base of the spine.

Certified teachers and instructors from The Farm will also conduct number of daily classes you can join in! The classes will each have their own allotted schedule. A Day Pass will also be made available for guests to freely participate in all of the yoga classes.

One of the classes is the Vinyasa Flow Morning Rise. This focuses on the dynamic between breath and posture, and leaves the practitioner feeling longer, leaner, and refreshed.

Another is the Heart Opening Flow yoga class. This promotes a deep personal growth and transformative experience. This practice expands your chest and rib cage making them more receptive and free.  

Yin Restorative Release is a very slow-paced type of yoga class. This style requires holding poses for a few minutes while allowing the body to relax and effectively apply gentle pressure to the body’s connective tissues. It’s a good way to increase the body’s range of motion while grounding one’s energy.

The Farm at San Benito offers a chance for retreat and rest not only for the mind and body but for the spirit as well. Allow the tranquility The Farm has to engulf you during your stay and let peace guide you on a more meaningful journey ahead. 

Book a Day Pass at 5,000 net per person to participate in all regular and special yoga sessions and daily scheduled activities, with 3-course vegan lunch, (1) 60-minute treatment, and more. Upgrade to an overnight stay starting at PHP 6,000 net / USD 171 net per night in a Sulu Terrace with breakfast for two and more!

*PHP rates are applicable for Philippine residents and local expats.

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