02 March 2022

Celebrate Women’s Month this March at The Farm

Women have proven themselves as active contributors to society, be it providing various kinds of support to people or taking on leadership roles that require effective decision-making in the most challenging times. Homemaker, employee, leader – all women play important roles in the world, especially at this time when everyone needs to do their part to manage and conquer this ongoing pandemic.  Their capacity for greatness does not, however, render them invulnerable to stress and illness. 

Women need to nourish themselves and renew their energy so that they can continue shaping the world into a better place. But due to their priorities, some might inadvertently neglect their health and save some time for self-care.

This March, The Farm at San Benito would like to remind all women that they can take a break from their responsibilities and focus on themselves. The Farm at San Benito, a world-renowned medical wellness resort in Lipa, Batangas, offers a selection of focused treatments especially-designed by integrative medical doctors and licensed health professionals specifically for women so that they can keep themselves nourished and regularly renew their energy to be able to live a happier and healthy life.

Guests can take advantage of The Farm’s Medi-Spa Journey that addresses issues and concerns of the mental-emotional and physical aspects of every woman.  These Medi-Spa Journeys help clear the mind of any negative energy to bring out the positive vibe and an empowered woman.




Promotional rate: PHP 14,350++ PER PERSON 

Includes: 30 Mins. Acqua Flotation / 90 Mins. Hilot Lakambini / 60 Mins. Vitamin Infusion for Glowing Skin  / Green Glow Juice Drink

In today’s fast-paced society, many women suffer from stress and body aches. This Journey helps release the stress and relax the body as well as beautify oneself. The Hilot Lakambini helps to relax the body and remove all blockages and stress while the Aqua floatation relaxes the muscles and provides a sound-free environment. The IV Infusion provides the Glow and Beauty as well as the necessary antioxidants needed by the body.  Includes the following treatments:

  • 90 MINS. HILOT LAKAMBINI (Noble Woman) Surrender yourself to the healing hands of The Farm’s trained therapists as they bathe your body with the soothing blend of our local herbs. Let the essence of Ylang-Ylang flow through your skin with every stroke of our therapist’s healing hands. These aromatic blends are known to treat hypertension, relieve muscle tension and blockages, strengthen the nervous system, and repair cell damage. Known for its anti-infective properties, Ylang-ylang essential oil is also good for insomnia, fatigue, frigidity, and other stress-related conditions. It is extremely effective in maintaining the skin’s moisture and oil balance to keep it hydrated, smooth, and young. 
  • 30 MINS. ACQUA FLOTATION A form of sensory deprivation known as REST (restricted environmental stimulation), which consists of floating for several hours in a dark, soundproof tank of water heated to body temperature, has been used to treat drug and smoking addictions, lower back pain, and other conditions associated with excessive stress. 
  • 60 MINS. VITAMIN INFUSION THERAPY FOR GLOWING SKIN For the last fifty years or more, Intravenous (IV) Therapy has been used in the medical field for various reasons and lately is gaining popularity because of the immediate benefits it gives. Intravenous or IV Therapy is a method of infusing vitamins (B- complexes, Vitamin C), minerals (including magnesium and calcium), amino acids, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies much faster than the oral route, as it ensures 100% absorption (compared to a lesser percentage if taken by mouth). As it hydrates your body and nourishes your skin, IV Vitamin Therapy enhances your immune system to protect you against most diseases you can easily pick up in the environment, or helps you recover faster from any illness from the common cold or after surgery. Some have called it a “Hang-Over drip” because of their immediate recovery after the drip. The antioxidants and nutrients in the IV drip allow for cell regeneration, thus slowing the aging process and giving you that much younger look. 
  • ALIVE DRINK: GREEN GLOW JUICE 92.5 calories A favorite among the guests, this high antioxidant concoction of mint, kale celery, and various sprouts is a highly alkalizing juice to thin the blood and give your skin that natural glow. 

*Program inclusions are subject to change after consultation and physical check-up with our holistic medical doctors.



Promotional rate:  PHP 10,550++ PER PERSON

Includes: 60 Mins. Empress Facial / 90 Mins.  Aloe Vera Body Wrap / Green Glow Juice  Drink

  •  60 MINS. EMPRESS FACIAL The Empress Facial is a unique & relaxing facial treatment that modifies your body’s energy flow. This treatment consists of acupressure massage from chest, shoulders, neck, face, scalp, and ears, combined with Western techniques of mild LED photo rejuvenation to improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen formation, sucking out dirt and toxins using vacuum action and closing the pores with an ice roller. It loosens blockages in your body’s energy network caused by stress, bad diet, alcohol abuse, and other health issues, thereby allowing your body’s energy network to transport energy throughout your body. A session of this Emperor/Empress facial is equivalent to one week of deep sleep. It relaxes vital organs and gives you a rejuvenation effect that makes you feel better. 
  • 90 MINS. ALOE VERA BODY WRAP Aloe Vera wrap is a nourishing cocoon designed to slim and tone your body, hydrate, cleanse, skin cells renewal, relax and soothe your muscles. These benefits include detoxification, contouring, rejuvenation, and balance. Aloe Vera gel can provide kidney cleansing, liver cleansing, skin healing, cellulite reduction, and body sculpting. It contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins which are good for wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. Effectively heal chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. 
  • ALIVE DRINK: GREEN GLOW JUICE 92.5 calories A favorite among the guests, this high antioxidant concoction of mint, kale celery, and various sprouts is a highly alkalizing juice to thin the blood and give your skin that natural glow. 

*Program inclusions are subject to change after consultation and physical check-up with our holistic medical doctors.




Promotional rate: PHP 11,750++ PER PERSON

Includes:  60 Mins. Harmonizing Flow/ 90 Mins. Arugang Buntis 90 Mins/ Electrolyte Lemonade Drink

Having a baby is such a wonderful experience. Any mother would tell you that. The experience of carrying your precious child for the next nine months is simply unforgettable. It is during this time that mothers would do anything to protect their child/ren, keep them safe, and make sure that their child is healthy even while inside her womb. But care should not be just for the body. One should also take care of the mind and emotions since the state of the mind greatly affects the unborn child’s emotional and psychological state. What a mother feels and thinks are all relayed to the child’s subconscious. That is how strong the bond is between a mother and her unborn child. In like manner, the mother’s nutritional state greatly affects the child while still in the mother’s womb and after birth. This is what The Farm’s Prenatal Wellness wants to help you achieve – a sound mind and a healthy body. Let The Farm’s caring medical doctors help you clear your mind and achieve inner peace, while feeding your body with natural green nourishing food and freshly prepared antioxidant-rich veggie juices, to make sure that you and your child are both healthy. And to make your stay more relaxing, submit yourselves to the skilled hands of The Farm’s massage therapist as they carefully release those tense muscles that can be a cause of pain as your pregnancy progresses. The Farm’s Prenatal Wellness – caring for the mother and her child as they go through an important phase of life. Includes the following treatments:

  • 60 MINS. HARMONIZING FLOW Harmonizing Flow is an umbrella term for various forms of therapies that include hands-on healing sessions, guided sessions, therapeutic modalities, holistic balancing, etc., allowing the client to navigate inner experiences in a safe and nurturing space. Based on universal principles underlying ancient Himalayan, European, Asian, Australian, and Egyptian healing traditions it also develops the guests ‘senses to healing energies available to him through nature and within his being. 
  • 90 MINS. ARUGANG BUNTIS Prenatal massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improve labor outcomes and newborn health, relax muscle tension, improve lymphatic and blood circulation through mild pressure applied to the muscle. Sciatic nerve pain is experienced by many women in the last term of pregnancy as the uterus rests on muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back. The pressure of the uterus spreads tension to the muscles of the upper and lower leg, causing them to swell and puts pressure on nearby nerves. Arugang Buntis addresses the inflamed nerves by helping to release the tension of nearby muscles. Many women have experienced a significant reduction in sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy through massage.
  • ALIVE DRINK: Electrolyte Lemonade This is a combination of lime, grapefruit, dalandan, macopa, and coco nectar which gives you the electrolytes that will enable the many organs of your body to carry out their many vital functions.

*Program inclusions are subject to change after consultation and physical check-up with our holistic medical doctors.


These specialized treatments combined with our wellness cuisine offerings and daily mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, and wellness talks keep the mind, body, and spirit well-balanced offering every woman an unparalleled life-transformative healing holiday.

For a truly immersive wellness retreat, The Farm offers medically-supervised all-inclusive bespoke “Women’s Wellness” programs such as Fertility Program (minimum 4 nights), Post-natal Program (minimum 3 nights), Beauty & Longevity Program (minimum 2 nights), and Hormone Regulation, to name a few.

When talking about women’s health, one of the main issues being talked about is breast cancer. In the Philippines, the estimated 10-year survival rate is only at 57%, primarily attributed to late detection of the disease. One of the medical treatments that is vital for women being offered at The Farm is the Non-Invasive Breast Check-Up. Using HD thermography, a non-radiation scanning device that detects various breast diseases including breast cancer. Enjoy 20% off this March. 

As extraordinary trailblazers and harbingers of change, women certainly have done a lot for society. This is why the month of March is dedicated to them, to celebrate their efforts and contributions as well as address the issues women still face in the 21st century. The Farm stands with them, as they continue to fight, whether it is the virus, for their loved ones, or for their rights, and hope that even if it is just for this one month, women are bestowed the honor that they so greatly deserve.

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