03 July 2018

The Magic of Healing at The Farm

Iza Calzado shares her journey to love and new beginnings. Iza Calzado, one of today’s most elegant and altruistic personalities in Philippine show business, shares her story of healing and self-love. It all started with her own body insecurities brought about unrealistic beauty standards, framed by media and society. Many of the women today like […]
03 June 2018

Rain Cleanse: Go on a Detox this Green Season!

Experience Total Healing at The Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World In this fast paced world where everything needs to be instant, almost all individuals are preoccupied with the daily routine works. Often times, they neglect to grant themselves the time to pause, repair and recover from the poor lifestyle that they have. Consequently, […]
03 January 2018


Over the years, The Farm at San Benito has helped thousands of people succeed in their quest to live a healthier and balanced lifestyle through integrative medical services, preventive health care practices, and awareness on consuming nutritious foods in its purest form. Our team of experts is trained specifically on a science-based, evidence-based, and results-driven […]