Wellness Cuisine

The Farm is home to one of Asia’s first and best restaurants offering vegan cuisine, and is also host to Alive! Restaurant, which proudly serves delectable raw food. From 2006 to 2016, The Farm has already received nine international awards recognizing the unique and exemplary culinary experience it continues to offer its patrons.

Alive! Restaurant is The Farm’s source of nourishment and organic vegan feasts. Our farmers, the soil, water, and sunshine are all nature’s gifts. All harvests are result of the positive energy we invest into our farm.  Alive! practices innovative food preparations, offering raw and cooked culinary creations. It serves world-class, international vegan cuisine masterpieces nutrient-dense organic vegan cuisine that’s high in fiber, essential nutrients, rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients probiotics and key enzymes our body needs that aid in improving digestion, purging toxins, and optimizing nutrition. It also prepares special transition diets and cleansing & nourishing juices for guests that seek to enhance their healing experience.