31 October 2019

The Farm Chairman Binod Chaudhary Encouraged Businesses to Shift Focus on Purpose

IN PHOTO (From L-R): Jean Sung, Head of The Philanthropy Center, Asia, J.P. Morgan Private Bank (Hong Kong); Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi, Founder, Smart Health City Pte Ltd (Singapore); Dr. Binod Kumar Chaudhary, Chairman, CG Corp Global (Nepal) and The Farm at San Benito (Philippines); Melissa Castro, Sr. Manager, Executive Administration, Pivotal Ventures (US); Patricia Dwyer, Founder & Director, The Purpose Business (Hong Kong), Panel Moderator discussing The New CEO Mandate: Purpose, Profit, and Philanthropy. (Not in photo: Davide Bollati, Chairman, [comfort zone] (Italy))

Last October 15-17, leaders and visionaries from all over the world gathered together at the Global Wellness Summit in Grand Hyatt Singapore to exchange ideas and have an informed discussion about the global wellness industry.

Preet Singh, General Manager, The Farm at San Benito; Rahul Chaudhary, Managing Director, CG Hospitality; Susie Ellis, Chairman & CEO, Global Wellness Summit; and Dr. Binod Chaudhary, Chairman, CG Corp Global and The Farm at San Benito.

There, CG Corp Global Chairman and The Farm at San Benito owner, Dr. Binod Chaudhary was a keynote speaker where he shared his “Wellness Why” and a deep perspective on purpose-driven business. Dr. Chaudhary put forward his insights on building a remarkable impact through philanthropic acts based on his experience growing the third-generation company into the multidimensional conglomerate it is now.

“While it is difficult to build a successful business organization, it is more difficult to build a purpose-driven organization and foundation,” Chaudhary said.

He also shared how The Farm at San Benito, an eco-luxury holistic medical wellness resort in Batangas, Philippines, came to be part of CG Corp Global sometime after he first visited, not as a business owner but as a passionate wellness traveler. “I found an opportunity to work on a business with a purpose and a source and force for healing,” he said.

“It was a life-changing experience and I quickly believe that I must be a part of it. And we wanted to take it to the next level.”

Dr. Marian Alonzo, The Farm’s Medical Chief, was also invited as a resource speaker for mental health.  In her presentation, she gave thought-provoking yet fresh practical tips on preventing burn-out, maintaining one’s well-being and shared successful medical cases using The Farm’s various healing modalities documented by state of the art technologies.  This is consistent with The Farm’s tagline:  A Life-Changing Journey backed up by results-driven, evidence-guided programs anchored in scientific methods and natural healing principles. She was also asked to give her insights on Sustainability by various groups through media interviews & summit-organized conversations.

“The resources in helping patients powerfully navigate their inner landscape stem from the cultivation of spiritual discipline on the part of the doctor or therapist,” Dr. Alonzo said. Aside from mental health, other popular topics among GWS participants were sustainability, microbiome and non-invasive aesthetics. All of which are being offered at The Farm as services based on its 5 Pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair/Rejuvenate & Sustain.

With the hectic lifestyle becoming “the norm” in this current fast-paced life, taking steps to ensure one’s mind and body are in their optimum state has never been more important. This is why the wellness industry will continue to boom and facilities fulfilling the need for a balanced and healthy life are continuously looking for new ways and technologies to achieve this goal.

Now, it has been determined that aside from quality products and services, customers and clients are starting to take into consideration a business’s ethical practices and commitment to their purpose when choosing a brand.

As such, business owners face a choice between profit and purpose. For Chaudhary, it’s simple: “Every organization and every individual can live a purposeful and meaningful life and yet build a successful organization on a business sense.”

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