01 July 2019

Why Visiting The Farm this Rainy Season is Worth Your While

The rainy season is officially here, and the promise of the heavens showering the earth and all living things dependent on it for sustenance is enough for us to be grateful of this immense relief from the heat the past three months. But since rainy days can also be dispiriting due to some limitations they pose, traveling and vacationing are often brought to a halt. Not if the destination is The Farm at San Benito, though. In fact, below are some reasons the rains can be a good accompaniment to your life-changing holiday:

  1. A Good Healing Environment. Whenever people seek retreat from the turbulence that is their normal life, nature is among the top destinations they run off to. A breath of fresh air, literally, helps with stress and anxiety. Situated in the lush jungles of Lipa, Batangas, The Farm offers the perfect haven for relief and relaxation. After enjoying the calming scene of the rain showering over the greeneries, you can let the soft pitter-patter of rain lull you to sleep in your beautiful villa.
  2. Scrumptious Meals. When its dreary outside, it’s easy to indulge in activities that provide comfort, and eating is one of them. Eat without the guilt! The Farm’s Alive! Restaurant offers delectable vegan cuisines, some of which are best during this season. The Chef’s recommendations include fresh salad roll, Aglio Olio ala Chef pasta and Hawaiian pizza.
  3. Relaxing Indoor Activities. Guests at The Farm can enjoy private Yoga sessions during their visit. These activities help with the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It’s true that rains can be unpleasant for some, but the key is to take this as an opportunity to focus on various aspects of your being.
  4. Physical Cleansing. The sudden change in weather may sometimes lead to the sudden appearance of illnesses making this the perfect time to do some body detoxification. When undergoing the first phase of cleansing, its actually best that one stays in a relaxed state. This way, you are able to store and conserve energy as well as nutrients which you will be needing to nourish and repair ageing cells. So even while indoors, you can still release toxins stored in your fat cells and enhance fat burning. The Farm offers science-based Detox Cleanse Program that aids in reducing toxins and boosting overall immunity.
  5. Mental Cleanse. Rainy days are the least favorite for most people as they don’t want to get stuck indoors. But this can be a good opportunity to do some mental cleansing at The Farm. If you’re reviewing for an exam, preparing a presentation, or just catching up on a book you need to finish but you can’t seem to understand, this is the perfect time for a mental cleanse.  While fasting, it is actually advisable to limit your movement for the brain to clear up, improving the thinking process, analysis, and overall mental functions of the mind.

Whatever the season, it’s good to know that taking a break to recharge yourself is not something you have to put on the back burner as you wait for the skies to clear up. This season, as the groundwater recharges itself, you can also reenergize and nourish yourself while taking a break from your busy life.

Enjoy as much as 30% off on The Farm’s medically supervised Health Optimization Programs from Holistic Wellness, Detox Cleanse, Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Health; Executive Health Programs from Pain Management & Mental Health; Cellular Health Programs and Aesthetic Beauty & Anti-Ageing Programs.

An all-inclusive Health Optimization Program starts at USD 580++/ PHP 26,600++ per person for two nights based on double occupancy and USD 810++/ PHP 37,100++ on single occupancy. Complimentary roundtrip car transfers for minimum of 4-night program. Room-only option also available at a limited time promotional rate of PHP 20,000 net / USD 586 net per night for two adults and 2 kids. Seasonal rates are valid until September 30, 2019.
For inquiries, call (+632) 884-8074, (+63) 918 884-8080, or email reservations@thefarm.com.ph.

*PHP rates are applicable for Philippine residents and local expats.

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