18 February 2020

The Farm Launches New Japanese Menu by International Chef Yoshiko Hondo

When it comes to food, there are various choices people can choose from. The Farm at San Benito is home to Alive! Restaurant – one of Asia’s first and best restaurants offering vegan cuisine that proudly serves delectable and nutritious raw food. From 2006 to 2016, The Farm has already received nine international awards recognizing the unique and exemplary culinary experience it offers its patrons.

Since then, it has not stopped exploring options they can offer guests to upgrade its services.

Recently, The Farm has successfully collaborated with Chef Yoshiko Hondo, a famous and award-winning Japanese vegan chef whose unique approach was shaped by her extensive experience starting as a food coordinator back in Japan, a cooking workshop assistant, and then a sous-chef in the US. After a decade in foreign soil, she expanded her culinary experience in her home country where she gained further knowledge in food preparation through various positions and different organizations (some of it her own). The comestible fusion resulting from these is what we now know as “和 (wa)-vegan,” where the traditional flavors and ingredients in Japanese cooking harmoniously complement vegan dishes.

The new menu was crafted by Chef Hondo in close collaboration with The Farm’s executive chef Francis Tugnao and his team.

The list of dishes that were conceptualized and prepared were:

  • RAW appetizer

Young coconut noodle with butterfly pea jello

Sashimi style fresh young coconut meat noodles with butterfly pea jelly served with coconut soy and wasabi.

  • RAW Salad

Dill Cucumber salad

Fresh sliced organic cucumber marinated in dill, sesame oil and Dijon mustard sprinkled with golden brown croutons and served with fresh fern

  • Soup

Miso soup with sweet potato and banana plantain

Traditional Japanese vegan miso soup boiled with organic sweet potato and our own banana plantain topped with spring onion and agar agar flakes


  • Main Course

Pan-fried tofu patties with beetroot mayonnaise and vegetable confit

Pan-seared Mashed tofu patties top with string beans and asparagus served with beetroot mayonnaise and beetroot Japanese rice

  • Dessert

Fruit tart

Oven-baked fruit tart with coconut sugar, salt and balsamic vinegar top with fresh mango slice, pear and pineapple and sprinkle with cinnamon powder.


Avail the 5-course Japanese menu at the ALIVE! Vegan Restaurant from 12NN (lunch) to 11pm (dinner) for only PHP 1,800++ / USD 39++ per person. To book reservations, contact +632 8884 8074 / +63 918 884 8080 or call ALIVE! directly at +63 917 572 2210. Prior reservations are required.

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