Stay Well at The Farm: Our Commitment to Your Health & Safety

The Farm at San Benito’s holistic medical wellness center, led by its Medical Director and Critical Care Specialist Dr. Susan Balingit and supported by licensed medical professionals; promotes Immune Intelligence in response to the COVID phenomenon.

Our COVID-free healing environment implements strict safety and sanitation protocols on hygiene & cleanliness. All guest and treatment rooms at The Farm are sanitized by Sanivir Smoke Disinfectant, which is proven by international laboratories to kill coronavirus on the surface and in the air effectively.


To ensure your stay with us is safe and for peace of mind, we administer FDA-approved Antibody Blood and Antigen Nasal Swab rapid tests to all our employees and guests.

Our doctors highly encourage guests to take the antigen swab test. Otherwise, it is advisable to choose AT LEAST ONE person per vehicle / per household to take ANTIGEN NASAL SWAB TEST and the rest may opt for ANTIBODY BLOOD TEST. Testing is done on two persons at a time. Should anyone test positive, our medical doctors conduct a clinical evaluation and suggest a confirmatory test prior to giving a final diagnosis. Confirmed positive guests will not be allowed to enter the facility together with the members of the household. Our doctors also encourage guests to undergo a 3-day quarantine prior to arrival. No exposure to the public shall be made within the said period to ensure the safety of all.