02 March 2021

Empowering Women Through Health and Wellness

Throughout history, women have proven themselves to be valuable members of society: be it providing various kinds of support to people or taking on leadership roles that require effective decision-making in the most challenging times. Homemaker, employee, leader – all women play important roles in the world, especially at this time where everyone needs to do their part to manage and eventually conquer the pandemic. Their capacity for greatness does not, however, render them invulnerable to stress and illness.

Women need to nourish themselves and renew their energy so that they can continue shaping the world into a better place. But due to their priorities, some might inadvertently neglect their health and save some time for self-care.

This March, The Farm at San Benito would like to remind all women that they can take a break from their responsibilities to others and focus on themselves. The Farm at San Benito, a world-renowned medical wellness resort in Lipa, Batangas, offers a selection of focused treatments especially-designed by medical doctors and licensed health professionals for women so that they can feel empowered to continue fighting for what’s important to them.

Last May 2020, The Farm was able to re-open its doors after securing all the necessary permits and ensuring they are capable and equipped to implement the required health and safety protocols. To this day, The Farm remains a safe haven with zero cases of COVID since it resumed operations last year.

The Farm has curated women-centric wellness with the following – treatments and programs.

There are Holistic Beautification treatments for the mind, body, and soul. Female guests can take the Essence of a Woman from the Medi-Spa Journeys that focuses on mental stress and emotional distress and helps clear the mind of these negative feelings. Even the aesthetic aspect of the face and body, are also available. All women deserve to feel beautiful, respected and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, amazing things happen. She becomes more confident, and this feeling manifests on the outside and makes her look brighter.

The Farm’s Healing Sanctuary Spa also offers treatments for ultimate relaxation and empowerment so women leave fully revitalize and ready to face more challenges head-on. The Hilot Lakambini utilizes Ylang-ylang essential oil to address hypertension, muscle tension, and strengthen the nervous system. Lakambini in Filipino means “noble woman” – a massage aptly named for the strong compassionate women of the modern age.

These specialized treatments are combined with daily complimentary activities such as yoga, meditation, sound healing and wellness talks to keep the mind, body, and spirit well-balanced as well as plant-based, nutrient-rich vegan cuisine or healthy pescetarian dishes focused on longevity of life.

When talking about women’s health, one of the main issues being talked about is breast cancer. In the Philippines, the estimated 10-year survival rate is only at 57%, primarily attributed to late detection of the disease. The Farm’s Bio Mammo Scan is a non-radiation scanning device that detects various breast diseases including breast cancer. A result of its partnership with European Wellness Center (EWC), this non-invasive breast scanning device from Germany is safe and a precise alternative to traditional breast screening devices.

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As extraordinary trailblazers and harbingers of change, women certainly have done a lot for society. This is why the month of March is dedicated to them, to celebrate their efforts and contributions as well as address the issues women still face in the 21st century. The Farm stands with them, as they continue to fight, whether it is the virus, for their loved ones, or for their right, and hope that even if it is just for this one month, women are bestowed the honor that they so greatly deserve.

For bookings and inquiries, call +63 2 8884 8080 / +63 918 884 8080 or send us an e-mail at info@thefarm.com.ph.

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