03 August 2018

A Must Try Vegan Restaurant outside the Metro

Expect nothing less from the all-natural and nutritious vegan menu at Alive!

Vegan is a term used for a person who does not eat or use animal produce. It is a way of life by which food selection is free from any forms of animal exploitation. Living compassionately and making conscious positive choices are philosophies they uphold in their hearts. In addition, this lifestyle lessens risks to chronic illnesses through a plant-based diet.

Taste of vegan

Oftentimes, vegan food is characterized as bland and boring, hence the word ”mouth-watering” is rarely used to describe this cuisine. Not many may know but 90 minutes drive from the metro is a wellness medical resort that houses a vegan paradise. The Farm at San Benito is home to Alive! Restaurant – one of Asia’s first and best restaurants offering vegan cuisine that proudly serves delectable raw food. From 2006 to 2016, The Farm has already received nine international awards recognizing the unique and exemplary culinary experience it offers its patrons.

All-natural ingredients and meticulous food preparation

Alive! Restaurant is The Farm’s source of nourishment and organic vegan feast. Nutritious and all-natural ingredients are hand-picked from The Farm’s own organic gardens. The farmers, soil, water, and sunshine are all nature’s gifts. All harvests are result of the positive energy invested to the farm.

The preparation and cooking methods retain the optimum amount of enzymes and nutrients needed by our body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are prepared raw or blanche. Food are prepared using innovative methods to deliver world-class masterpieces. Dehydration and fermentation are two manners by which Alive! preserves the plant’s life force. The former prevents the growth of microorganisms that will spoil the food. This gives the vegetables a longer shelf life without the addition of toxic chemicals and preservatives. While the later serves as a good source of beneficial bacteria, to make the gut healthy and it provides the enzymes to convert nutrients to Vitamin B complexes. It also enhances proper digestion, absorption and nutrient utilization.

Delectable Creations

Wellness is a deliberate choice. Choosing what is right is not always easy. Luckily, Chef Francis’ delectable creations make this choice easier by drawing inspiration from what is familiar to the everyday local and international cuisines cravings. He reinterpreted and preserved nature’s intrinsic taste to match those yearnings. Alive!’s menu choices give a robust collection of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds, all sourced from its own farm. It serves world-class, nutrientdense, and, organic vegan cuisine that’s high in fiber, essential nutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, probiotics and key enzymes that the body needs to improve digestion, purge toxins, and optimize nutrition. The Farm also prepares special transition diets and cleansing & nourishing juices for guests that seek to enhance their healing experience.

Alive! Restaurant is open from 6AM-11PM. It caters to guests who arrive early morning, afternoon or late in the evening. This month, the place launched its new food menu, salad in jars, fermented vegetables, local vegetable salad, more variety of soups, a Mediterranean section, and new conceptualize raw and cooked mains.

Alive! of The Farm at San Benito shares its three-pronged approach to healing and wellness—the soundness of mind, body and spirit. Good food fuels the mind, body and spirit to combat the daily aggressors.

The Farm at San Benito offers retreats, services, and holistic medical wellness experiences that are evidence-based, science-based and results driven to heal and rejuvenate. Save as much as 20% off on The Farm’s medically supervised Health Optimization programs from De-Stress & Revivify, Beauty & Vitality, Detox D’ Lite, Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Health, Pain Management &

Mental Health, Fitness & Sports Enhancement. An all-inclusive Health Optimization Program starts at USD 436++ per person per night on double occupancy/ USD 524++ on single occupancy. Seasonal rates are valid until December 20, 2018. To book a retreat or learn more about The Farm, simply visit www.thefarmatsanbenito.com. For direct inquiries, call [phone], (+63) 918 884-8080, or email [email] or [email to=reservations@thefarm.com.ph].   

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