Chef’s Signature Dishes


Grilled Vegetables Salad

Grilled red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, eggplant, mushroom, carrot and pumpkin marinated in oregano, skewered in bread stick served with balsamic reduction and pesto sauce. 112 cal

Banana Heart Ceviche

Blanch sliced banana heart marinated with coconut vinegar, ginger, onion and garlic tossed with fern and green chili. 182.2 cal

Okra and Tofu Salad

Steamed okra and our own homemade baked tofu combined with radish and cherry tomato served with coconut soy vinaigrette. 217 cal

Pomelo Salad in Crispy Spring Roll Basket

Fresh pomelo and spicy cashew nuts tossed in coconut soy and coconut nectar served on a crispy spring roll basket garnished with coriander and red chili. 168.6 cal

Fresh Salad Roll with Almond Butter Sauce

Jicama, carrots and cabbage wrapped in Vietnamese paper rolls served on a bed of almond butter sauce garnished with sundried tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and a dash of pesto sauce. A: 110.9 cal, F: 221.8 cal

Arugula and Watermelon Salad in a Jar

Arugula, mint leaf, watermelon, feta cheese and almond flakes with lemon sesame mustard sauce. 290.9 cal

Mexican Vegan Burrito Bowl Salad in a Jar

Steam brown rice, black beans, green bell pepper, corn, lettuce and zucchini squeezed with lemon and top with tomato salsa. 439.9 cal

Quinoa Salad with Green Thai-Style Dressing in a Jar

Kale, roasted sweet potato, dry quinoa and carrots with Thai dressing 406.3 cal

Fern Salad

Freshly picked fern leaves tossed in calamansi juice, tomato and onion. 54.6 cal

Bitter Gourd Salad

Slices of fresh bitter gourd combined with tomato and onion tossed in apple cider vinegar. 55.6 cal

Sayote Slaw Salad

Julliened sayote, jicama and red cabbage marinated in apple cider vinegar and coconut nectar sprinkled with coriander and spring onion. 91.3 cal


Mung Bean Soup

Braised mung beans with bitter gourd, malabar spinach and moringa leaves served with garlic bread. 87.4 cal

Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Soup

Creamed of apple cinnamon pumpkin soup served on a bread bowl. 84 cal


Aglio e Olio ala Chef

Sautéed garlic, mushroom, fern salad and chili deglazed with white wine and tossed in olive oil and topped with grated pili nuts and walnuts. 379.6 cal

Cooked Mains

The Farm’s Vegetable Curry and Chapati

The Farm’s traditional vegetable curry served with tamarind chutney and homemade chapati with organic brown rice. 442.8 cal