Peppermint Foot Scrub

The therapist will begin with a shoulder and head massage, incorporating pressure points, while the feet are soaking in ware water with a gentle touch of flowers. A natural scrub of coco cream, rice powder and the fresh scent of peppermint will be used to remove dead cells from the feet and lower legs. Acupressure points and reflex zones are the main focus in this massage. Bask in the delight by the poolside or secluded garden view for this ultimate foot delight.

Corresponding Medical Service: Ionization Detox Foot Bath

Tropical Bliss

Coconut Scrub with Relaxation Treatment

A coconut scrub is perfect for sensitive skin. Using fresh ground coconut with is rich in nutrients but not overly abrasive, this gentle exfoliating treatment will remove dead skin cells revealing a softer, suppler skin texture.

Oriental Journey

VCO Aloe Scrub with Thai Treatment

Exfoliate and hydrate your skin with this sweet treat.  Indulge in this yummy treatment to experience a smoother, suppler skin texture.

Bitter Sweet

Barako Coffee Scrub with Therapeutic

This beauty treatment helps revitalize, stimulate and refresh your whole body so that you can achieve that blissful glow without ever having to take a sip.  Coffee is an excellent skin cleanser that also improves circulation and skin tone.

Seasonal Delight

Papaya or Seasonal Fruit with Relaxation

This gentle scrub will soften and revitalize the skin using the enzymes found in the papaya know as Papain. The natural fruit acids act as a mild exfoliant without the tendency to cause skin irritation.

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