Philippine Healing Art

Hilot Haplos

Coco Cocoa Body Scrub, Coconut Cream Milk Bath & Hilot Treatment

Feed your skin and relax tense muscles with this fresh scrub made from coconut cream and powdered cocoa that is spread over the body.  Following the scrub indulge in a luscious bath of freshly squeezed warm coconut milk.  After the bath a sensationally luxurious Hilot Massage, a traditional Filipino treatment, is sure to leave you wanting for more.

Tres Banyos Lunas

An authentic ceremony still practiced by local Filipino herbalists. Combining the five healing elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Wood, this treatment invites you to reconnect with nature so as to repair, renew and revitalize your body’s innate ability to heal. The treatment begins with a bath filled with a blend of Filipino healing wonders. Traditional herbs – Pinagbagang, Lupang, Punsong, and Tuob (commonly known as “Earth” and “fire”) – are inhaled to awaken your senses, before indulging in a warm glass bottle massage with Tapal-Tapal Balot (a wrap filled with medicinal herbs) to encourage the release of excess dampness or heat. Tres Banyos Lunas is especially effective in treating energy stagnation while improving vitality. It also releases impacted toxins, commonly attributed to fluid retention, while strengthening the immune system. Regarded as one of the most soothing experiences – it will fine tune the aura, astral and etheric bodies, reducing stress to invoke regular restful and healing sleep.

Hilot Tapal Treatment

Ancient time’s treatments use the purest ingredients naturally grown in the forest. Fresh herbs and medicinal plants were used intuitively in addressing particular concerns. It will be proper place on the body energy points. If you experiencing trapped cold and energetically imbalanced heat it will be unblocked and ones’ vitality will be revived. These authentic and traditional treatment practice in many provinces; local Barrios that uses fresh medicinal herbs, lana oil, and heated glass to glide on the affected part of the body.

Hilot Aruga

Our distinct Filipino character of being caring, hospitable, and compassionate is best practiced through this nurturing treatment. Transmitting these energies with the use of Alka-magnesium Crystal salt as the second most abundant element in our bodies, and is used in regulating over 300 enzymes and reactions in the body. Experience the nourishing strokes of our therapists and feel your body relax and be rejuvenated.

Hilot Kasuyo (for two)

Hilot Kasuyo, enhances physical, mental and emotional well-being which the Therapeutic and nutritive ingredients of the products will keep your skin silky, soft, smooth and hydrate, it also provides your skin with much needed active components for cell regeneration and strengthens your cells’ barrier defenses. Treatment begins with 10-minute foot floral bath, 90-minute cacao body wrap, 20-minute milk chocolate bath, and 60-minute Hilot treatment.

Hilot Lakan (The Noble Man)

The treatment begins with the healing ritual cleansing of the feet with warm herbal water; herbal body polish using a blend of fresh local healing medicinal herbs and sandalwood bark to regain energy, allowing the skin to breath, detoxify and purify the body. Ritual will be end with invigorating, salutary healing tonic herbal bath with the natural fragrance of sandalwood.

Hilot Lakambini (The Noble Woman)

Aromatically efficient in treating hypertension, relaxes muscle tension, trigger blockages, strengthens the nervous system and repairs cell damaged. Ylang-ylang essential oil can be used to cure infections in internal organs such as the stomach, intestines, colon, and urinary tract. It is also good for people suffering from insomnia, fatigue, frigidity and other stress related conditions. It is extremely effective in maintaining moisture and oil balance of the skin and keeps the skin looking hydrated, smooth, and young.


Hampol is a wonderful healing treatment that has been practiced by hundreds of generations in the Northern part of the Philippines.  This treatment is based on the belief that all plants are created by nature for healing.  Hampol uses a warmed compress with many different local herbs like “letlet”, “kayumanis”, and “tanglad” followed by a massage inspired by Hilot.  This combination of herbs also improves blood circulation, relieves headaches, insomnia, arthritis, dysmenorrheal and water retention. Pregnant women are relieved of pelvic muscle tightness and bruising.

Corresponding Medical Service: Body Salt Bath

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