Neurogenic Release

Neurogenic Release (NR) involves a set of warm-up and special exercises to facilitate neurogenic muscle tremors. Neurogenic tremors are naturally experienced by the body in extreme situations whether joyful or not, like winning a challenging sport game or in times of great fear. This session helps to address chronic bodily stress, deep-seated physical tension manifested as muscle tightness/rigidity or numbness/weakness and post-traumatic experiences. It targets the psoas, a special muscle that connects the legs, groin, torso and neck areas; the same muscle where a lot of unconscious tension is dumped into. As such, NR is a great help for those who have sleep problems, jaw tension or tooth grinding, persistent neck, and shoulder pains, erectile dysfunction etc.  It is also a good way to efficiently lose excess fats in the midsection. Guests are advised to undergo brief exercises like stationary biking, walking, jumping jacks to fatigue the big leg muscles (which hide or overshadow the psoas muscle) prior to the session to accelerate the process of neurogenic release.

*Local rates in PHP are available for Philippine residents and local expats. Please call +63 918 884 8080 or +63 917 572 2325.