Internal Organ Compress

Philippine Traditional Medicine includes the use of tapal, the application of special medicinal leaves warmed with oil, to treat ailments. Our internal organ compresses continue this healing tradition to soothe internal organs, such as the liver, the kidneys and the reproductive organs. Aside from their healing benefits, compresses are very relaxing and may aid in sleeping.

Liver Compress

A gentle yet potent form of nurturing for the liver using herbs such as yarrow or ampalaya (bitter gourd) leaves.

Kidney Compress

Specific herbs and warmed special oil are used to soothe the kidneys and adrenals. This done with the patient lying down on their stomach and the mixture is applied at the back area.

Belly Compress

A series of belly compresses will afford lasting relief and resolution of dysmenorrhea or chronic gas pains.

*Local rates in PHP are available for Philippine residents and local expats. Please call +632 884 8074 or +63 918 884 8080.