Heating Element Treatments

Stone Massage

This warming therapy uses basalt stones that are formed by sedimentary and volcanic action. The smooth surface offers a unique massage therapy that works deep into the muscle tissue gently soothing aches and pains. You will be left comforted by the warmth generated from this peaceful treatment.

Hilod Cleanse

Hilod is the traditional Filipino treatment for cleansing the skin. Practiced for many generations, Hilod removes dry skin, crystal acidity, fluid retention and assists in the breaking down of cellulite. The treatment begins with a hot herbal bath of guyabano and sambong leaves to stimulate the kidneys, liver, lymph system and soften the skin. Volcanic river stones are systematically rubbed over the skin to activate the energy line and exfoliate. After rinsing off, a lavender aromatherapy oil is applied leaving the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenate.

Corresponding Medical Services: Colon Hydrotherapy, Liver Cleansing, Liver Compress


This unique experience uses heat resistant glasses to remove toxins from the body. The glasses will be warmed and applied to the back meridians, creating a vacuum to draw out the toxins.  A soothing massage will be given at the close of the treatment.

Corresponding Medical Service: Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, Body Salt Bath

Suob/Traditional Steaming

Traditional steaming bath that uses fresh aromatic herbs, usually those with cleansing and healing properties like oregano, native ginger, sambong and lemon grass. Suob-traditional steam bath enhances the cure of many diseases with excellent healing attributes of respiratory troubles like bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. It is also useful for cleaning and toning the skin surface. The increased volume of sweat that is induced by Suob-steam bath leaves the skin soft, supple, feeling re-energized and recharged. It can remove allergens and mucus from the lungs. This allows maximum benefits to those with breathing problems. Suob has a soothing quality for the breathing passages since it raises the moisture level in the lungs, throat and nose. People that suffer from the problems of asthma or the common cold will find they feel much better after indulging in a Suob bath. A good sweat is excellent for healthy skin.

Aromatherapy Treatment

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma from these essential oils stimulates brain function. The oils are also absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and promote whole body healing, a sense of wellness and relaxation.

Purifying – Lemongrass

Stimulating – Grapefruit

Detoxifying – Patchouli

Corresponding Medical Services: Acupuncture


“Relaxology” is The Farm’s interpretation of the natural healing arts of Reflexology and Acupressure Massage.  Through the application of pressure and manipulation of the reflex points, “Relaxology” relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes balance in the entire body.

Corresponding Medical Service: Body Salt Bath

Relaxation Treatment

This therapy is a must for stressed individuals, as this gentle massage will ease away tension and tiredness. Using long soothing strokes your therapist will lure you into a calm, peaceful space for both your body and mind.

Hilot Treatment

This is a traditional Filipino healing treatment practiced in many regions of the Philippines. With its different styles and strokes this massage aims to stimulate the nerves, increase lung activity, soothe the nervous system, as well as break up deposits found in the joints. This massage applies kneading and some stretching techniques, to help rid you of the heavy weight of stress on the body and leaves you feeling renewed.

Therapeutic Treatment

This deep tissue massage concentrates on the specific areas of tension within the body. The therapist will use a combination of reflexology points in the feet, to achieve balance within the body’s energy centers and Swedish massage techniques to release toxins in the muscle tissue. This combination will leave you in a complete state of relaxation.

Hilot Pandanggo

Totally dry treatment that triggered foot reflexes, Increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone. The technique is designed to stretch the body and clear all the energy lines. Its unique approach will restore and balance the mind, plus strengthening and aiding mobility.

RelaxologyUnder the Stars

This is a truly delightful experience wherein you are lying under the stars as your therapist massages reflexes in the head, hands and feet. Watch out for shooting stars and remember to make a wish!

Arugang Buntis

This is a pre-natal and post-natal treatment to ensure the health of a mother, strengthen the immune system, release the muscle tension and energetically balance the body. Pre-natal massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health, relax muscle tension, improve lymphatic and blood circulation through mild pressure applied to the muscle. Sciatic nerve pain is experienced by many women in their last term of pregnancy as the uterus rests on muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back. The pressure of the uterus spreads tension to the muscles of the upper and lower leg, causing them to swell and puts pressure on nearby nerves. Arugang Buntis addresses the inflamed nerves by helping to release the tension of nearby muscles. Many women have experienced a significant reduction in sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy through massage.

Hilot Musmos

With the level of stress nowadays, even the energy of innocent newborns babies/toddlers are affected. This infant massage improves immune function, enhances development of nervous system, stimulates healthy growth and development, reduces stress hormone and releases of oxytocin, or the happiness hormone. With our pure intention and expertise in transmitting healing energy we will be happy to let them experience this unique lullaby relaxation. It is never too early nor too late to begin massage. Whether your baby is a newborn or several years old, massage can bring immediate and lasting results.

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