Our Signature Treatments

Purification Treatment

Yin Yang Body Polish

The depletion of minerals from the soil is a major culprit of why the body process slows down. Minerals act as the spark to power the processes such as, metabolism (good for those with weight problems) and cell damage repair (anti-aging). Sea salt is a source that is high in minerals.  In ancient healing traditions, salt solutions have been known to absorb “negative energy” (highly recommended for stressed-out individuals). The Purification Treatment is applied to the body using special strokes to energetically balance the body. This is what we call the Yin Yang rhythmical movements: uniquely developed, perfected and can only be found at The Farm.

Corresponding Medical Service: Colon Hydrotherapy, Ozone Therapy

Stimulating Treatment

Skin Kayud & Barako Coffee Pack

The body naturally traps toxins, fat and unwanted waste in the lymph system and skins layers. This invigorating treatment eliminates this build up by stimulating the glands, improving circulation, removing dead skin cells, attacking cellulite and strengthening the immune system. The Stimulating Treatment begins with skin “kayud” or scraping. Using two Mother of pearl shells, the therapists engage the lymph system, remove dead skin cells and tighten the skin. After the Skin kayud, a Barako Coffee pack is applied to the body. The pack stimulates circulation, elimination and targets the areas that require detoxification. After about 15 minutes, the pack is rinsed off and a warm bath follows.

Corresponding Medical Service: Hara-Puri Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Personal Trainer

Detoxifying Treatment

Skin Kayud & Kalawag Body Detox with Curcumin

Curcumin has been used for thousands of years on the Negros Island of the Philippines. Curcumin has the active healing power to detoxify the liver, skin, kidneys and heart. It has been known to selectively kill tumor cells while protecting healthy cells. Traditional Hilot practitioners use Kalawag to treat open wounds, muscle ache, arthritis and stomach ache. The Kalawag Body Detox is rich in antioxidants, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, repairs skin damage and boosts the immune system. The Detoxifying Treatment begins with Skin kayud to remove dead skin cells, engage the lymph system and tighten the skin. After, the Kalawag pack is applied to the body. In 15 minutes, the pack is rinsed off and a warm bath follows.

Corresponding Medical Service: Colon Hydrotherapy, Liver Cleansing, Liver Compress

Four Hands Yin Yang Puri

This healing ritual has three intentions; stimulation, detoxification and mind body balancing. The treatment begins with dry skin brushing using natural bristle brushes made of abaca fibers to stimulate circulation and the lymph system while removing dead skin cells and crystal acid deposits. After the brushing, an organic scrub is applied to the body using a systematic Yin Yang rhythmical massage technique to detoxify and energetically balance the mind and body. The Four Hands Yin Yang Puri has been uniquely developed and perfected for The Farm. The Four Hands Yin Yang Puri is highly recommended for “stressed-out” individuals, as the combination of the salt scrub and the Yin Yang rhythmical movements have been demonstrated to absorb “negative energy” while balancing the mind and body. This treatment also improves metabolism and cell damage repair which are excellent for better aging.

Corresponding Medical Service: Colon Hydrotherapy