Body Rejuvenation

Little Yin Yang Dry Brushing

This is a skin brushing treatment using natural bristle brushes. It has a similar effect to that of massage, although unlike massage it does not relax the tissue or soothe away tension. Instead, skin brushing is a very effective, quick and easy way of stimulating the blood and lymph circulation, helping to smooth the skin, eliminate dry cells and promote beautiful, healthier looking skin.

Corresponding Medical Service: Colon Hydrotherapy

Skin Kayud

Most people today have chronically toxic lymph fluids and swollen lymph nodes.  By scraping the skin, we stimulate the lymph canals to drain the toxins and purify the entire lymphatic system. This enables the lymph system to perform its duties by keeping the blood and other vital tissues detoxified. This treatment may be taken every other day during your stay.

Corresponding Medical Service: Colon Hydrotherapy, Liver Compress

*Local rates in PHP are available for Philippine residents and local expats. Please call +63 918 884 8080 or +63 917 572 2325.