Dr. Rommel is the Medical Director of Integrative Medical Services at The Farm. He graduated with the degree of B.S. in Biochemistry at U.S. T. in 1979 and with the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila in 1987, full scholar (1st Batch). In 1989, he passed the LRC Licensure examination for Physicians, and has practiced Integrative Medicine since 1994.

Dr. Rommel is an associate professor in the College of Medicine, Metropolitan Medical Center, Manila, teaching Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He was also formerly an associate professor of Makati Medical College, teaching Wellness Nutrition. He brings with him an extensive experience as a former Consultant for the Department, Region 4-B MIMAROPA and the Provincial Government of Marinduque where he designed and implemented a pilot program bringing the concept and application of Integrative, Complementary, Alternative, and Traditional Medicine to the Barangay. He was the former president and director for research and development for two Nutraceutical companies as well.

Dr. Rommel’s specializations at The Farm:

  1. Wellness nutrition
    1. Detoxification and weight loss nutrition
    2. Nutritional oncology
    3. Rehabilitation nutrition/chronic disease therapy
    4. Orthomolecular medicine
    5. Intravenous megadose Vitamin and mineral therapy
  2. Stress Management/harmonizing flow
    1. Progressive relaxation technique
    2. Counselling
    3. Neurolinguistic programming
      • Phobia removal
      • Trauma resolution
      • Behavior modification
      • Belief therapy
      • Positive future pacing
    4. Hypnotherapy
      • Sleep induction therapy
      • Unblocking negative life experiences
    5. Body works
      1. Structural integration(Rolfing)/ Deep tissue/ Myofacial release
      2. Aromatherapy
      3. Electroacupuncture/Auricular acupuncture (pain management)
    6. Translational Medicine/Nutraceutical medicine
    7. Herbology
    8. Nutraceuticals
    9. Cosmeceuticals
    10. Wellness program design/training