Dr. Alonzo graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Medicine where she was recognized for her Outstanding Clinical Work. She finished her European post-graduate studies with distinction (magna cum laude) specializing in Integrative Medicine. This field integrates conventional and natural medicine and finds the governing healing principles that connect different streams in healing. This includes units on biography work, art therapy, behavioral biochemistry, healing movements, vibrational medicine, brain science and chronomedicine.

As a child, she was diagnosed with a heart condition.  She grew up with a deformed chest, joint pains, breathing difficulty and she struggled with vitality.  Oftentimes, she would be bed-ridden and would read various books and resort to imagination. From an initial life of resistance over her predicament, she later learned the value of contrast between her “bodily unfreedom” and the freeing quality of the mind.  This became an important tool for her to slowly and painstakingly overcome the momentum of illness.  Despite these physical challenges, she graduated as valedictorian in her primary years and high school and qualified for Intarmed. This is a pre-medicine course in the University of the Philippines where only the creme de la creme are chosen.

Dr. Marie continues to investigate the science of miracles and to research on the body of knowledge that harmonizes the energetic flows of the different internal organs.  This supports the medical management of modern-day lifestyle illnesses, autoimmune diseases, pre-psychiatric mental emotional concerns, recovery from trauma and chronic pain management.

She has been with The Farm Health Resort during the research/testing phase before it formally opened to the public. She serves as its Medical Chief for many years.

Dr. Marian specializations at The Farm:

  1. Holistic Consult
  2. Live Blood Analysis
  3. Jin Shin Jyutsu
  4. Art therapy
  5. Harmonizing flow
  6. Psycho-emotional clearing
    1. Guided meditation
  7. Scar release
  8. ANS balancing
  9. Neurogenic release