Conrada Veruasa-Apostol, M.D. or Dr. Radi for short, is a reconstructive and plastic surgeon with passion on aesthetic enhancements that has holistic touch. She graduated from Manila Central University College of Medicine in 1986. She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a fellow of International College of Surgeons. She is a practicing surgeon since 1988 and had her residency training in Surgery at Silliman University Medical Center, Dumaguete City. She trained on Reconstructive surgery under Dr. Rajan Dulamal, (had fellowship training rotations at Vanderbilt University Hosp. Tenessee, Mt. Sinai Hosp and Beth Israel Hospital of New York). She did several charity surgical missions nationwide for which she received the National Lingkod Bayan Award in 1999 for doing more than thousands of free surgeries to less-privileged people. She never stopped undergoing training workshops and studies on holistic modalities in line with aesthetic improvements like Lifestyle Medicine for weight management at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Cosmetic Acupuncture for facial wrinkles, breast augmentation and weight loss at Wangjing Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Anti- aging and Wrinkle management at International Master Course on Aging Skin. She attended workshops on Stress management because she believes that Stress is the root cause of all diseases and pains which indirectly lead to wrinkles, aging and other problems which affect the general appearance of an individual. As a cosmetic surgeon, she offers to patient whatever procedure that is less painful, less expensive, lesser risk and consider surgical enhancement as the last option.

Dr Radi Apostol’s specializations at The Farm:

  1. Psychoemotional clearing
  2. Health and disease prevention counselling
  3. Aesthetic / Cosmetic facial acupuncture
  4. Weight loss acupuncture
  5. Stress relief acupuncture
  6. Acupuncture for depression
  7. Neurogenic Release
  8. Lifestyle coaching for stress, depression, weight management
  9. Harmonizing flow
  10. Rejuvenating facial
  11. Sleep induction therapy
  12. Dolphin-electronic neurostimulation

Other services at The Farm:

  1. Medical emergency care
  2. Surgical emergencies at The Farm
    1. Head injuries from fall or hit by falling objects
    2. Closed fracture reduction – immobilization with casting or bandaging
    3. Minor surgeries for injuries – suturing of wounds, incision and drainage
  3. Open and closed dressing of wounds
    1. snake bite / insect bite management
    2. Foreign body removals – in the ears, eyes, skin, GUT
    3. Bandaging for sprained extremities
    4. Burn management