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Winner of 29 prestigious international awards including
SENSES’ Germany ‘Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World’

Rates are in Philippine Peso (PHP) and are subject to taxes ++
Valid until December 14, 2014


Our Detox Cleanse program focuses primarily on eliminating toxic substances trapped throughout the tissues of the body, while restoring the body’s optimum ability to absorb nutrients for its total health. Body detoxification is accomplished through colon hydrotherapy and targeted organ cleansing, plus a medically guided fasting process, relying primarily on pure vegetable juices and quality super-food supplements to ensure the body is provided the extra nutrients it requires as it works to cleanse. An effective program of body, mind and spirit enrichment is provided.


6 Nights / 7 Days Detox Cleanse

Accommodation Occupancy THE FIX! Rates ++ / PP
Palmera Suite Single Php 108,000.00 ++
Double Php 81,000.00 ++
Garden Villa Single Php 131,000.00 ++
Double Php 93,000.00 ++
Narra Pool Villa Single Php 170,000.00 ++
Double Php 113,000.00 ++
Master Villa Single Php 244,000.00 ++
Double Php 150,000.00 ++
The Lakan – 2 Bedroom Villa Double Php 195,000.00 ++
Quadruple Php 125,000.00 ++

Note: Rates are ++ per person*+

6-Night Detox Cleanse inclusions:

Personalized Healing Retreats for 5 to 21 Nights are available upon request.

Terms and Conditions:

  • THE FIX! Rates are valid for a Sunday through Saturday Stay Only. (Check in Sunday, Depart on Saturday.)
  • In addition to the above inclusion you are welcome to add-on Specialized Healing Retreat inclusions at an additional cost ++/ per person. (Please see below)
  • Program Changes are not permitted once the Holistic Health Consultation is completed and the program inclusions are finalized. Ala Carte Treatments and Services may be added at any time. Additional cost will apply (++/pp).
  • In-House Cancellation Policy Applies (for treatments and services).
  • *Rates are subject to 10% Service Charge and 12% Government Tax
  • Private car transfers are available to & from Manila International Airport at Php 9,000++ round trip for a maximum of 3 persons. Travel time is only 90 minutes drive to or from The Farm.
  • Extra Person “Room Only” Surcharge is Php 2,500.00++ per night including ALIVE! Gourmet Breakfast.
  • Children 12 years and under stay free when sharing room with adults (excluding meals)
  • Rates and inclusions are subject to change without prior notice
  • Cancellation Policy Applies.
  • Rates are valid until December 14, 2014 except for September 28, 2014
  • For reference of foreign currency values, please visit
  • Please note that foreign currency values are subject to change, The Farm will use the prevailing “Hotel Exchange Rate of the Day” on the date of payment.





Prevention Program

Today’s health choices affect your future health. Our bodies may be hardy but recurring abuse leads to disease and illness. The good news is that it’s never too late to rejuvenate. Detoxification, combined with specific medical services and complementary treatments, based on your profile and health assessment can reverse long-term damage and restore vitality. Your sustainable lifestyle program will guide you to support and maintain your health long after you’ve bid us farewell.

All THE FIX! Detox Cleanse inclusions PLUS:
  • Integrated Medical Services:
    • 1 x Hara Puri Massage
    • 1 x Blood Chemistry Work – up
    • 1 x IV Vitamin Infusion
Additional Cost to The Program: Php 14,500.00 ++/pp


Organic Weight Loss

We’re passionate about good health and fantastic food and the two can co-exist… with a little tweaking. You’ll sample award-winning, organic, vegan cuisine from our onsite restaurant, ALIVE! before transitioning to juicing for rapid, sustainable weight loss without any starvation or deprivation. Every meal/juice is low in calories, fat and glycemic index, yet high in flavor and a great source of energy. Specific treatments will break down fat and eliminate toxic waste (salt baths, reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, massage, steam therapy and skin kayud treatments).

All THE FIX! Detox Cleanse inclusions PLUS:
  • Integrated Medical Services:
    • 2 x Acupuncture Sessions
    • 1 x Dry Brushing with a Therapist
  • Healing Sanctuary Treatments:
    • 1 x 60-minutes Treatment
    • 1 x 90-minutes Treatment
    • 2 x Tibetan Steam Therapy
Additional Cost to The Program: Php 18,400.00 ++/pp


Diabetes Management

A lack of tactile stimulation is but one cause for the prevalence of diabetes in our society. We focus on revitalizing and repairing your digestive organs from the adverse effects of sustained high blood sugar levels. Customized massage and nurturing treatments will eradicate your stress and compounding effects. Kidney cleansing body wraps stimulate the elimination of harmful toxins from your body while psycho-emotional sessions address the non-physical components. Therapeutic art, music and movement sessions provide additional support and treatment.

All THE FIX! Detox Cleanse inclusions PLUS:
  • Integrated Medical Services:
    • 2 x Acupuncture Sessions
    • 1 x IV Infusion Therapy
    • 1 x Dry Brushing with a Therapist
    • 2 x Magnetic Clay Foot Baths
  • Healing Sanctuary Treatments:
    • 1 x 90-minutes Treatment
Additional Cost to The Program: Php 23,200.00 ++/pp


Integrative Cancer Care

We’re extremely proud of our cancer care program success. Our qualified specialists will administer natural, integrative therapies designed to support your body, strengthen your immune system and boost your energy. Working with your oncologist, we’ll do all we can to equip you with the best tools to fight cancer. Personalized nutrition/meal plans are designed to reduce side effects, while psycho-emotional and spiritual healing, coupled with physical treatment can help develop inner strength and peace of mind. We tailor our cancer care program to include colon hydrotherapy, counseling, intravenous vitamin infusions, ozone therapy and stress management.

All THE FIX! Detox Cleanse inclusions PLUS:
  • Integrated Medical Services:
    • 4 x Colon Hydro Therapy Session – Colemas (*1x Angel of Water and 1 x Colonics have been removed, credited and replaced with the Colemas.)
    • 2 x IV Infusion Therapy Sessions
    • 2 x Ozone Therapy Sessions
    • 1 x Life Force Nourishment Sessions
Additional Cost to The Program: Php 33,000.00 ++/pp


Environmental Detox

Our frenetic society makes it near on impossible to avoid radiation altogether. Electrical devices, laptops and mobile phones all emit radiation and no one is certain of its long-term side effects. So when in doubt, it’s best to avoid, or at least minimize. Our program focuses on relaxation and expelling all traces of radiation from your body. It’s particularly suited to anyone who is regularly exposed to radiation (health practitioners in diagnostic facilities, computer technicians, engineers in power generators or residents living within the vicinity of nuclear accidents).

All THE FIX! Detox Cleanse inclusions PLUS:
  • Integrated Medical Services:
    • Additional Supplements; 30ml Iodine, ACZ Gold & Silver and Vitaspray
    • 2 x Ionization Detox Foot Baths
    • 2 x Magnetic Clay Foot Baths
  • Healing Sanctuary Treatments
    • 1 x 30- minutes Treatment
Additional Cost to The Program: Php 19,550.00 ++/pp



    • All Programs are supervised by licensed medical doctors and nurses.
    • All Programs are considered supportive to natural body balancing with final results dependent on a variety of factors which The Farm cannot take full responsibility in managing.
    • Guests who require special medical support for serious health challenges must advise and communicate openly to The Farm’s Medical Staff. The Farm reserves the right to refuse some guests with health conditions that cannot be reasonably managed by The Farm’s professional staff.
    • Guests under the Programs are requested to arrive at The Farm no later than 4pm on the first day of reservation, in order to get proper orientation. Check-in to rooms can be confirmed for 2pm. Early check-in and late check-out is subject to actual room availability.
    • Guests arriving at The Farm after 5pm will have their program consultation & beginning of their detox program the following day, compressing the program into 5 nights.
    • Programs can change in accordance to and consultation with the guest’s medical & well being condition. The Guest Health Questionnaire should be filled in and submitted at least one week prior to arrival a The Farm.
    • A personalized Daily Schedule will be given to each guest after consultation with an assigned Medical Staff.
    • All supplements, services and treatments will be scheduled by our doctors on the General Health & Medical consultation has been completed. Any supplements, services or treatments or other such related items outside the above stated Personalized Program will be discussed with the guest in advance and will be considered Incidental Charges. These will be charged to the guest account and must be settled upon check-out.
    • All programs containing medical, spa and food components cannot be refunded or credited if not utilized.

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