Nourish your body, mind and soul

South of the bustling Philippine’s capital is a world-class holistic healing and wellness centre, offering and gourmet life-changing cuisine.

The Farm at San Benito is an idyllic and relaxing getaway with flexibility to suit you, your body and your lifestyle. Choose from a range of detoxification programmes and simple, healthy family retreats to suit the health aware to the health adverse.

We’re passionate about education and rejuvenation, not deprivation or starvation. First-class medical services and health strategies will start repairing and restoring your health while our helpful chefs prepare and show you how to whip up delicious and healthy food to regain your zest for life.

After more than a decade, The Farm at San Benito remains the Philippines’ sole holistic health destination, offering natural and comprehensive health programmes to treat cancer, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

All-inclusive Wellness Holidays start at US299++ and our Detox Cleanse / Healing start at US499++.

Visit The Farm at San Benito and start taking better care of you.